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NailsByKalee | A YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is, I believe, the full circle of social media. Granted, social media can be quite soul sucking when taken too seriously, I believe that YouTube can be either a dark, demented world of strangely viral videos about nothing or a plethora of information, like Google but with better visuals. I would like to contribute to that secondary side with some tutorials, vlogs, and ramblings about nail art. I use a wide array of techniques when doing nails from simply beautifying natural nails to enhancing them and adding all kinds of different art. Using hand painted, 3D and other emerging techniques allow me to stay on trend and help me to have those fundamentals that help with picking up new skills. I’ve been studying nail art techniques for at least 7 years and would love to share some of my favorites with the world! The first of which is a super easy one that anyone with a striping brush can do and is now LIVE! An 80s inspired rainbow stripe design:

Now, let me just say that when I set out on this goal I had absolutely no idea what was involved. I’ve ridden the blogging bandwagon when it first started and I’m a member of more photo-sharing apps than I care to admit. But, video is a whole different realm of media. Not only is it much less forgiving than photography, but its shot live, so if a shot doesn’t come out, the whole nail essentially needs to be restarted in most cases. Its not a line that can be repeated as many times as needed to get the best shot, its acrylic that sets and gel that runs and nails that grow. If the shot isn’t taken by the time the client leaves, its not being taken at all. But when you do get the shot, man, is it worth it! That’s one aspect that is very similar to photography. Also, getting everything properly edited, getting thumbnails created, setting it all to music and writing descriptions? Jeez, I feel like I’m back in college making a PowerPoint for class.

Overall, however, it is super fun and when the finished result is in front of you, that feeling of “I made this” is so wonderful. That feeling of accomplishment is the very reason that I love doing nails, so if I can find one more way of creating things I love, why not? Hours of dong nails, remembering to charge the camera/ actually film it, and edit it all together to music earns a good feeling once it all said and done. It’s just like when I’ve worked hours perfecting 3D bits and then applying them on the nails and seeing the set come together. Having the idea evolve from drawings to bits and pieces to execution and finally the finished result is so fun and getting to do it every day is such a dream. Like this design that took over 6 hours of work to create (don’t worry client was only present for part of it):

Either way, I’ve got a very funky style that brings a lot of different nail art realms together. If that’s what you’re into, follow along and see what my wonderful clients and I create! Like, comment and subscribe to see more! Click below to see my channel:

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